Hilliard State School P&C


Hilliard State School was established in 1991, and the Hilliard P&C was established shortly after to support the school and provide a voice for parents and carers.

The P&C runs essential school services like the Tuckerbox (tuckshop) and Uniform Shop, and also undertakes a range of fundraising activities throughout the year. Funds raised by the P&C go towards a wide variety of school improvements and sponsorship programs.

Recent school improvements include a range of artworks / murals throughout the school as part of the Hilliard Enlivening ART (HEART) project, increased seating at eating areas, shade covers, play space upgrades / improvements and significant donations to the school global budget to assist with purchasing educational resources and upgrading school grounds and buildings.

P&C meetings are held on the second Monday of every month during a school term, at 7pm in the staff room at school administration. The yearly Annual General Meeting is held on the second Monday of March at 6.30pm. Sub-committee meetings are held once per quarter. You do not need to be a member to attend a meeting.

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