Hilliard State School P&C

Join the P&C

We would love to have you on our team! Parents and carers can join the P&C at any time throughout the year. Memberships lapse at our Annual General Meeting held in March of every year and all members must also reapply at that time if they wish to continue to be members of the P&C.

To join the P&C please complete the below application form and submit it to the Hilliard P&C Secretary. Applications received are voted on at the end of the following P&C meeting.

Why Join the P&C?
The P&C works closely with the school to inform policies and procedures, events and many other activities. As a member of the P&C you can make your voice heard, vote on matters of importance, and be the first to receive information or provide feedback on various school issues.

What are my time commitments as a member of the P&C?
Your level of commitment and involvement is up to you! You can choose which committees to join, if any, and there is no expectation for you to spend a minimum amount of time helping out. Most of us have lots of other outside commitments so we are very understanding that not everyone has unlimited time and energy to devote to our activities.

Do I have to attend meetings?
No – although we would prefer to see as many of our members at meetings as possible! As a member you will receive agendas in the lead-up to each meeting and if you are unable to attend simply notify the secretary of your apologies to be entered in the meeting records. Following each meeting you will receive a copy of the meeting minutes.

Although you do not have to attend, if you’re not present when a vote is held you will be unable to participate. We do need a minimum number of people present for a vote to be valid and we welcome different opinions and ideas which is why we encourage members to attend meetings if they can. But as mentioned above we understand our families have many other commitments to manage.

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