Hilliard State School P&C


QKR (pronounced Quicker) is the new online ordering system used by P&C for tuckshop orders. Parents and carers can access QKR via smartphone apps or the QKR website.

Why have we changed from the Flexischools system?
Following feedback from our families about the previous system, we investigated various alternatives and decided on QKR due to:

  • Fee free transactions for parents and carers
  • More streamlined and user friendly ordering process
  • Lower fees for P&C – means we can keep prices low
  • Improved system support
  • Less down time and technical issues

How do I use QKR?
Download the app or head to the website and select the option to create a new account. Follow the steps to add payment methods and search for Hilliard State School. You can then add your children to your account. For more detailed set up guides see the QKR website. To assist, there is a gallery of parent tips below.